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Description Symbol
Euro vs United States Dollar EUR/USD
United States Dollar vs Japanese Yen USD/JPY
British Pound vs United States Dollar GBP/USD
United States Dollar vs Swiss Franc USD/CHF
United States Dollar vs Canadian Dollar USD/CAD
Australian Dollar vs United States Dollar AUD/USD
New Zealand Dollar vs United States Dollar NZD/USD
Description Symbol
Euro vs Swiss Franc EUR/CHF
Euro vs British Pound EUR/GBP
Euro vs Canadian Dollar EUR/CAD
Euro vs Australian Dollar EUR/AUD
Euro vs New Zealand Dollar EUR/NZD
Euro vs Swedish Krona EUR/SEK
Euro vs Norwegian Krone EUR/NOK
Euro vs Japanese Yen EUR/JPY
British Pound vs Japanese Yen GBP/JPY
Swiss Franc vs Japanese Yen CHF/JPY
Canadian Dollar vs Japanese Yen CAD/JPY
Australian Dollar vs Japanese Yen AUD/JPY
New Zealand Dollar vs Japanese Yen NZD/JPY
British Pound vs Swiss Franc GBP/CHF
British Pound vs Canadian Dollar GBP/CAD
British Pound vs Australian Dollar GBP/AUD
British Pound vs New Zealand Dollar GBP/NZD
Australian Dollar vs Swiss Franc AUD/CHF
Australian Dollar vs Canadian Dollar AUD/CAD
Australian Dollar vs New Zealand Dollar AUD/NZD
Canadian Dollar vs Swiss Franc CAD/CHF
New Zealand Dollar vs Swiss Franc NZD/CHF
New Zealand Dollar vs Canadian Dollar NZD/CAD
Description Symbol
Australian Dollar vs Norwegian Krone AUD/NOK
Australian Dollar vs Polish Zloty AUD/PLN
Australian Dollar vs Swedish Krona AUD/SEK
Australian Dollar vs Singapore Dollar AUD/SGD
Canadian Dollar vs Singapore Dollar CAD/SGD
Swiss Franc Swedish Krona CHF/SEK
Swiss Franc vs Singapore Dollar CHF/SGD
Euro vs Czech Republic Koruna EUR/CZK
Euro vs Hungarian Forint EUR/HUF
Euro vs Polish Zloty EUR/PLN
Euro vs Romanian Leu EUR/RON
Euro vs Russian Ruble EUR/RUB
Euro vs Singapore Dollar EUR/SGD
Euro vs Turkish Lira EUR/TRY
Euro vs South African Rand EUR/ZAR
British Pound vs Hungarian Forint GBP/HUF
British Pound vs Mexican Peso GBP/MXN
British Pound vs Norwegian Krone GBP/NOK
British Pound vs Polish Zloty GBP/PLN
British Pound vs Swedish Krona GBP/SEK
British Pound vs Singapore Dollar GBP/SGD
British Pound vs Turkish Lira GBP/TRY
British Pound vs South African Rand GBP/ZAR
Mexican Peso vs Japanese Yen MXN/JPY
Norwegian Krone vs Japanese Yen NOK/JPY
Norwegian Krone vs Swedish Krona NOK/SEK
Singapore Dollar vs Japanese Yen SGD/JPY
Turkish Lira vs Japanese Yen TRY/JPY
United States Dollar vs Chinese Yuan USD/CNH
United States Dollar vs Czech Republic Koruna USD/CZK
United States Dollar vs Hong Kong Dollar USD/HKD
United States Dollar vs Hungarian Forint USD/HUF
United States Dollar vs Israeli Shekel USD/ILS
United States Dollar vs Mexican Peso USD/MXN
United States Dollar vs Norwegian Krone USD/NOK
United States Dollar vs Polish Zloty USD/PLN
United States Dollar vs Romanian Leu USD/RON
United States Dollar vs Russian Ruble USD/RUB
United States Dollar vs Singapore Dollar USD/SGD
United States Dollar vs Swedish Krona USD/SEK
United States Dollar vs Turkish Lira USD/TRY
United States Dollar vs South African Rand USD/ZAR
South African Rand vs Japanese Yen ZAR/JPY


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